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My pal Sharon Whyte (phenomenal musician- go see Cactus Twang & Whyte!!) and I
hatched this plan on the plane ride home from a Denver intensive: she knows a grocery store
want to know how they dispose of the still living, legless bullfrog because presumably, the
legs are the only yummy parts.)

On President's Day, a school holiday, Sharon and I took my daughter out to a celebratory
Dim Sum lunch. We plotted and schemed, agreed to liberate every single frog they had
regardless of cost or number of bullfrogs- we would take them all back to my house and turn
them loose in our fountain courtyard.

Then off to the market. Rows of huge tanks of live fish, lobsters and crabs- the place
smelled like a rancid beach after a storm washes up seaweed and the dead- or a severely
under budgeted, understaffed aquarium. Sharon led us to the back where they had the
prisoners held captive in a cooler.

My first comment was a guttural oath, followed by the shocked observation that they were
each roughly the diameter of a salad plate. I had no idea they would be THAT BIG. My
next thought was that my husband was going to have something to say about this- I think
both he and I had visualized cute, little pet store froglets hopping around our yard, not
giant frog bodies launching themselves across our deck.

The prisoners gazed up at us. We looked down at them. Sharon and I exchanged glances,
and I said, "Now what?"

"We catch them and put them in bags," she said, handing me several plastic produce bags.

We had daughter count them- 12 in all. Sharon and I rolled up our sleeves and gamely
started lifting frogs - the prisoners sensed we were there to free them and practically dove
into the bags (thank God, because they were really heavy and slimy)

Paid $3.49 a pound- the checker weighed them on a produce scale at the front- and forty
bucks later we were out of there, laden with bags of bullfrogs. On the way home, a few
almost squirmed loose, but we managed to keep them safe and sound. To see the frogs in
their new home, visit  "Jackie's World" on this website.    

And now, for your metaphysical moment, brought to you by Those Who Care:

The number twelve frogs is significant to this story, keep in mind that it was President's day:

12 (biblical meaning):12 THE NUMBER OF GOVERNMENTAL
PERFECTION. There were 12 tribes of Israel; 12 Apostles, 12 foundations in the
heavenly Jerusalem; 12 gates; 12 pearls; 12 angels.

Is it not time to bring the governments of this world closer to the heart? AND:

12 is also the number of the Hanged Man in the Tarot - the Law of Reversal (he's hanging
upside down) - the most important emblem in the Tarot according to the Builders of the
Adytum. It has to do with the reversal of thought.

"To reverse the conditions of misery (think of the frogs), disease and failure, and substitute
for them their opposites of health, happiness and success, it is necessary to think, speak,
and act in ways which are the reverse of those in which most persons think, speak and act."

The Right use of Key 12 provides a practical method which will actually affect the desired
reversal - "He who succeeds in reversing his conception of personality realizes that the real
world is essentially the body of God. He knows himself to be a member of that body."

So Frog Liberation Day turned out to be a liberation for more than just the frogs. It was
about our liberation as members of human society, a.k.a. the real world, which is the body of
Entry for January 19, 2007