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Most everyone understands the meaning of the phrase “the point of no return”: that point
on a journey where, because of limited supplies, one must choose between turning back or
committing to complete the journey no matter what occurs. It is a crossroad of sorts, a
turning point- where courage and faith are tested to a new level.

People often write and ask who I think is going to win the White House in 2008. Maybe
because I wrote a story about a kick-ass female President, they assume I’m a fan of Hilary
Clinton. I’m not, particularly - I’m just looking for integrity in a president. The problem is, by
the time a person gets to the level of national politics where they would be considered a
“serious” contender for the presidency, they’ve already sold their soul to numerous
powerful individuals and corporations. And the morning after you raise your hand and recite
that Oath of Office, they ALL come to the door to collect.

But to oblige curiosity, I took a mystic’s look at the presidential race and probable
outcome. I followed the golden threads that weave together time and space, reading the
energy of the mass consciousness, and weighing it against what some call would “the Few", a
very sophisticated, ancient, far-sighted, cold and metallic consciousness that lurks behind
the scenes of humanity’s stage. Then I wove in the energy of the major presidential
contenders, one by one, to see which of them “fit” the best with those two dominant

What I found was very intriguing. The energy stream felt like freefall, meaning that it
essentially doesn’t matter who wins the presidency. Somewhere during the last three years,
we, the people of Earth, have passed the point of no return on our evolutionary journey.

How it could possibly NOT matter who wins the United States presidency? The answer
is unfortunately clear: we the people, as a whole, act powerless and feel powerless so that
we don't have to take responsibility for our group creation. It's a lot easier to blame a
politician, a priest, a parent, or to just pop a pill. And so, we collectively embarked on a
critical pathway of events that will test each one of us. We will each be forced to choose
between embracing our power and responsibility as co-creators on this Earth plane, or
continuing to throw our power and responsibility to various authority figures.

What does this mean in each of our lives? Only the individual can answer that. But I do
know that the choices made will be at the most critical crossroad in millennia. It's going to
get interesting, folks. What will you choose?
Entry for June 14, 2007

The Point Of No Return ~ A Journey At The Crossroads